We are acutely aware the actions we take today will determine our futures and the futures of our children. This is why the Energy Disruptors founding team has collaborated with EY to ignite change now.  Together we are launching an unapologetically honest podcast and video interview series featuring the bravest energy explorers of our time.

We invite you to meet 12 global trailblazers, each with the bold vision and unstoppable courage to ensure we evolve fast enough to outpace our greatest energy and climate challenges.   These authentic and intimate conversations will be hosted by the globally recognized tour-de-force, Holly Ransom.


The world needs audacious creativity and unprecedented collaboration between diverse groups more than ever.  Our commitment is to translate the human element behind the technical momentum of our clean energy future because these are the conversations we all need to be having. Not just at boardroom tables or within the upper echelons of government, but around kitchen tables, in classrooms, and over the backyard fence. Only when we can all take part in the conversation will we accelerate a global transition to cleaner energy and mobility.   

The energy for change is in all of us.   Do you have the audacity to take the path of most resistance?


Tune in to to join the conversation.


honest conversations about our clean energy future



Holly Ransom is a specialist in disruptive strategy, an advocate for social and economic inclusion, and a private company director. She is recognized globally for her super-human ability to synthesize and simplify complex issues and create engaging, thought-provoking conversation.

As the founder and CEO of Emergent, she helps leaders and teams formulate the questions to find their disruption strategy. Named one of Australia’s 100 Most Influential Women by the Australian Financial Review, Holly is also widely recognised as one of the world’s top female keynote speakers. She has delivered a Peace Charter to the Dalai Lama, interviewed Barack Obama on stage, was Sir Richard Branson’s nominee for Wired Magazine’s ‘Smart List’ of Future Game Changers to watch in 2017 and was awarded the US Embassy’s Eleanor Roosevelt Award for Leadership Excellence in 2019. 

Currently completing a Master of Public Policy at Harvard Kennedy School as a Fulbright Scholar, Holly is also a senior fellow at the Melbourne School of Government, a board member for RMIT Business School and the youngest ever female director of an AFL club, Port Adelaide.