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This week our trailblazer is Erik Andersen, the Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of European Energy, and one of the earliest champions paving the way to a 100% renewable future. 


Erik was sketching plans for wind turbines back in school and today he’s building multi-million dollar wind and solar farms across the world, including the largest solar enterprise globally, in Denmark. 


We hope you enjoy the story of this humble entrepreneur on a mission to power the world. We’re here to fuel a new energy conversation and it starts with you.

“I'm a born optimist. While sometimes our expectations are not met, look around at China, US and Europe. The reality is that it's a big transition, it's not something we do overnight. The momentum is there."


Trailblazer 12:
Energy industry legend
& renewable pioneer

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Knud Erik Andersen is a true industry pioneer and one of the earliest champions of a 100% renewable energy future. Today, he is the CEO of European Energy, a leading Danish renewables firm responsible for building some of the world's largest wind and solar farms.

Erik started drawing plans for wind turbines in school, and with a group of other students began to develop, understand and optimise turbines, creating one of the first home-made turbines on a summer holiday.

In 2004, Erik sold his second company and saw the potential to “define energy production in the future” by leading the transition to 100% renewable energy. He launched European Energy with co-founder Mikael D. Pedersen with a vision to leverage wind capacity as a significant force in the global transition to a fossil free society.

Since then, the company has expanded significantly, with 400% growth between 2021-22. The team is moving into construction, grid infrastructure and access as well as innovative technology. European Energy have completed more than 100 wind and solar power projects in 11 countries across Europe as well as Brazil, Australia and the United States.

At European Energy Erik and the team utilise the latest technology to create value for partners and society as a whole. They are focused on scale in order to grow the 2-3% of electricity that comes from wind and solar in the global economy.

Throughout the years, European Energy has developed, constructed and acquired renewable energy projects with a total capacity of approximately 1 GW and with a value of more than one billion euro.

Today Erikis the EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year Class of 2021, Denmark. European Energy is building a multimillion-dollar solar power farm in southern Denmark. As the biggest installation of its kind in northern Europe, it will provide enough power to supply more than 75,000 households. Eager to inspire future generations of green energy champions, European Energy has donated a solar panel test site and helped to establish a PhD position with the Technical University of Denmark. 


"I think that there has been a strong movement across the globe, to actually do something to protect nature. But right now when we also need to look at our climate, we need to have a more direct dialogue between these two fronts; the nature front and the climate front. Because I think actually when you sit down and take a cup of coffee, these two advocates they would see that we have so much that we share, our ambition for this planet is actually the same."


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