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The Energy Disruptors: UNITE Summit stands out as the premier gathering that unites the full spectrum of the energy sector. Beyond its unparalleled inclusivity, it presents a distinct chance for personal and professional advancement through:


  • A significant aspect of our event's appeal lies in the calibre of its attendees. We have consistently drawn a diverse array of high-profile attendees, including policymakers, industry leaders, and key influencers from around the world.

  • Our participants range from industry veterans to emerging innovators, encompassing a wide spectrum of expertise. This diversity fosters a rich exchange of ideas and provides a unique opportunity for you to open doors to fresh partnerships, cooperative ventures, business deals, new ideas, and more.

  • Nearly 50% of the UNITE Summit delegates are individuals at the director level or higher. This includes a wide range of top executives, senior managers, and industry leaders who bring a wealth of experience and decision-making power. Their presence not only elevates the quality of our dialogues but also offers you exceptional networking opportunities. This concentration of high-level professionals underscores the event's status as a premier gathering for influential figures in the industry, making it an invaluable platform for you to foster strategic connections and insightful exchanges.

Countless opportunities for networking with international thought-leaders & business gurus.

- Author & Speaker, Susan Cain

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  • At the UNITE Summit,  you can immerse yourself in a world of learning and development opportunities focused on the future of energy, guided by experts.

  • The UNITE Summit is a melting pot of knowledge, featuring insights from industry leaders across the entire energy value chain.

  • You will experience a carefully curated and diverse line-up that tackles the most complex challenges we face today. Listen to motivating success stories, engage in insightful discussions, and enhance your skills.

  • The UNITE Summit offers a unique chance to expand your understanding, learn from a wide range of perspectives, and gain new skills in an environment that celebrates diversity and inclusion.

  • You will have the opportunity to gain deeper insights during breakout sessions conducted by leading thinkers, allowing for direct interaction and engagement.

It's in forums like this where dialogue and collaboration enable data-driven decisions for improving energy deployment.

- Battery-Inventor & Entrepreneur, Christina Lampe-Onnerud



  • Sessions led by experts deliver essential insights and trends vital for your career and beyond. The knowledge gained from the conference will spark a new level of innovation, empowerment, and actionable ideas.

  • Hear from a motivational roster of speakers offering their knowledge and novel approaches to address complex challenges with courage and creativity. Esteemed past speakers have included the likes of Sir Richard Branson, Sir Ken Robinson, Malcolm Gladwell, Erin Brockovich, Seth Godin, Susan Cain, and Adam Grant, among others.

  • Our 180+ keynote speakers, panellists, and moderators are an eclectic mix of the world's most captivating individuals breaking barriers, driving positive change, and blazing trails in the energy industry and beyond. 

Energy Disruptors Unite is one of the most constructive forums I’ve ever seen.

- Biomimicry expert, Michael Pawlyn

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  • Teams from globally leading firms gather at UNITE. Bring your entire crew for a mini company retreat. It doesn't matter if your team is fully remote, follows a hybrid model, or operates in a traditional office setting, fostering team cohesion is always beneficial. And in today's world, couldn't we all benefit from a bit more unity? An additional advantage?

  • Your team will return, rejuvenated and ready to kickstart your business's momentum. That's the epitome of a mutually beneficial situation.

  • Offer your team an opportunity to bond over a collective experience, sparking innovation with motivational speeches, engaging activities, and live music. Step away from the daily grind and initiate meaningful dialogue.



  • 10% off 5+ tickets

  • 15% off 10+ tickets


For any questions or assistance with group purchases please contact us at:

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