Is this an anti-fossil fuel initiative?

Our goal is to engage the very best of the oil and gas industry because we believe in pragmatic and profitable solutions to the world's greatest energy challenges. We believe the oil and gas industry will continue to play an important role in future global energy and this is why it is so important we harness the powerful potential of breakthrough technology to improve profitability and efficiency and to reduce our environmental footprint. Hydrocarbons are an immensely useful and valuable commodity. We want to showcase the best of the Canadian oil and gas ingenuity on a global stage.

Is this just another oil and gas event?

We believe our future energy mix will be broad and eclectic.  This is why we are working together with the key individuals from all sources of energy.  It is also important to recognise the energy challenges we face today stretch way beyond fossil fuel extraction and production.  Agriculture , transportation, fashion and industrial manufacturing need to be decarbonised.There is no silver bullet. We need to work together to find pragmatic solutions across all industries.

Who should attend?

Energy Disruptors is apolitical, collaborative, transparent, inclusive, and technology agnostic. Whether you are an innovator or an investor, professor or student, working in the world of electric racing or in SAGD, we need you. Energy prosperity needs a broad and diverse range of skills, talents and experiance.