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Named Canada's Best Conference, EDU is the fastest growing future energy event in the world. The unconventional profit-for-purpose summit is designed to be a conduit for global energy, mobility, and climate solutions.


EDU is unapologetically unique in the deliberate cultivation of diversity in perspectives on and off stage. We lean in on the difficult conversations, boldly exploring complex, and divisive topics including the crucial, yet much overlooked, social and human side of profound global change.  Our aim is to empower participants to see our biggest energy challenges as our greatest opportunities.

Diverse & Inclusive.

Collaborative & Creative.


EDU Mission:
1 Million Impactful Connections

When you unite an abundance of brilliant minds, the possibilities are infinite.

EDU is one of the only conferences in the world where the event is only one part of the greater initiative. Our goal is to help the most progressive leaders in traditional energy join forces with the influencers at the forefront of energy transformation.  

Big change takes a united front. By igniting broad-spectrum collaboration at our summits, we can drive the acceleration of exponential energy technology on a global scale.


A physical representation of industry and cooperation, The Hive area is where Disruptors naturally swarm together and unite with trailblazing brands.  

The Big Four Roadhouse

Calgary, Alberta



Together we will shatter industry barriers, break restraints on thought, and harness the powerful potential of human ingenuity to accelerate game-changing energy solutions on a global scale. Most events start a conversation. Energy Disruptors: UNITE is a high-impact event designed to ignite action!


A relaxed and comfortable hang-out spot for Disruptors, sponsors, and speakers to connect.  VIP guests have the opportunity to dive deeper into the onstage content in intimate VIP breakout sessions hosted by our world-class speakers, then continue the conversation in the speakeasy-style bar. 

The Big Four Roadhouse

Calgary, Alberta


Sir Ken Robinson, 
World Leading Expert on Education & Creativity

Energy Disruptors is a unique gathering of leaders and innovators in the critical fields of energy generation, distribution, and consumption. It brings together wide-ranging industry expertise with global leaders in many other fields, including AI, social enterprise, education, politics, and the environment to look at present issues and alternative futures, all in a fast-paced, high-energy environment of debate, ideas, and information.  Personally and professionally, it was a great pleasure to be part of this event. The program was punchy and wide-ranging, the other speakers were world-class; the host/facilitator, Holly Ransom, was superb and an expert in the issues and the whole team was welcoming, highly professional and a delight to work with.


Michael Liebreich,
Founder Bloomberg New Energy Finance

Two things stood out for me about EDU. First the breadth of participants – from clean energy to oil and gas, from data scientists to social scientists, from climate zealots to climate-sceptics. Second, the vibe, the buzz, the energy in the room, the willingness to have fun and take risks. The combination was very refreshing. 


Michael Pawlyn,
Biomimicry expert 

It’s no exaggeration to say that the energy transition is critical to the future of humanity. Energy Disruptors Unite is one of the most constructive forums I’ve ever seen for progressing this crucial debate. Brilliantly curated with a great diversity of speakers the event was both inspiring and informative and will, I’m sure, lead to a range of positive initiatives within the energy industry

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Sir Richard Branson,

Business Magnate, Investor, Author, & Founder of the Virgin Group

This really is a wonderful conference.


Susan Cain,
Author & Speaker

Energy Disruptors: UNITE, hosted by the amazing Holly Ransom, was a well-organized event with an engaged audience, electric atmosphere and countless opportunities for networking with international thought-leaders and business gurus.

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EDU2019 Delegate

I have been in conferences around the world and have seen some amazing events. By far you beat all of them hands-down.  Well done!  Extremely professional and you had the right audience.  This will continue to grow.  Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this fantastic event.


Santiago Antonio Espinosa de los Monteros Harispuru,

Student Energy

Energy Disruptors is one of the most challenging events in the global energy ecosystem. Attendees -representing a powerful share of the global sector- share and hear some of the boldest ideas around satisfying growing energy demand in a sustainable way. The kind of conversations that are non-polarising and will elevate the industry's consciousness happen here. I intend to never miss it.

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Mark Little,
Former President & Former CEO Suncor

It was a real pleasure to be part of the thought-provoking and inspiring conversations at Energy Disruptors 2019.  To have key people come together from across the energy spectrum to discuss and debate the critical dimensions of energy transition and disruption was unique.   This event provides an ideal forum for that dialogue to take place.


Jennifer Holmgren,
CEO LanzaTech

Strong and diverse speakers, a hugely engaged audience and an impressive program for all participants. All these factors make for an ideal location for like-minded individuals to come together and discuss paths forward in the energy space. Energy Disruptors stands out as an event that needs to be on everyone’s calendar.

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Bonita Chan, 

Commercial Relations & Marketing Officer at Canadian Nuclear Laboratories

Thank you to the EDU team for an inspiring, energetic, and meaningful summit! It was such an honor to participate and speak at the event. I’m still getting an overwhelming number of positive messages from people that attended our panel and how much they enjoyed it!  Totally exceeded my expectations with the level of engagement we got and the impact! 


EDU2019 Delegate

You four have literally ‘invented’ a whole new platform of human discourse on a range of tightly interconnected fields of human accomplishment, behavior, and exploration.  Just amazing.  You have provided a fertile hotbed for many of the world's best thinkers and doers to come together and meet and who knows what wonderfully positive things that will generate in the months and years to come.   Most of all, you have given Calgarians, Albertans, and Canadians a mirror in which they can see themselves being much bigger and more capable than they ever dreamed.

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Christina Lampe-Onnerud, 
Battery-Inventor & Entrepreneur

The Energy Disruptors conference brings together a thoughtful, powerful community of entrepreneurs, innovators, policymakers, investors, and global executives all dedicated to being actively engaged in charting the course to the new energy paradigm. With great urgency towards sustainability, it is in forums like this where dialogue and collaboration enable data-driven decisions for improving energy deployment.